Playing Live In Front Of A Huge Audience

On May 19th 2012, we received a surprising email from Rammstein’s tour manager. They would have liked the kids to go on stage and perform a few songs on the very following day, at the Denver Coliseum.
The parents’ first reaction was: “No way!”  Couldn’t expose the kids to such a situation. That was not a place for children. It could also get bad: make mistakes on stage, get shy or scared, get booed by the audience, etc…
But the kids were excited about it!

One of our principles is that we should always take into consideration the kids’ instincts. The upbringing is for their benefit, not ours, and we can never be too sure of how much they sense, or foresee their own future, and what they need for it.

I asked Cornelia (not yet 6 at the time) if she really wanted to go on stage. “Yes!!” was her answer. “Ok, but won’t you be scared in front of thousands staring at you?” She froze for a moment and then she calmly replied: “If I get scared, I’ll say a quick prayer and I’ll pretend I am at home practicing in our room.” This little girl’s answer convinced me to take chances and take them there.

On May 20th 2012, the kids from Children Medieval Band played live as an opening act for the Rammstein show, in front of 10,000 people. It was a great audience. The kids performed very well. If we consider their lack of experience on stage, the numerous audience, and also the sound which was very different from what they got used to, their performance was a great A+.

These videos don’t reflect well the quality of the show, but this is the best we got.

Ich Will – Rammstein cover

Sonne – Rammstein cover

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